34.2 Summer/Fall 2022

2021 Barthelme Prize

2021 Translation Prize in Fiction

2021 Beauchamp Prize in Critical Art Writing

Special Feature: A Place, Here, Curated Madhu H. Kaza

  • "An Introduction" by Madhu H. Kaza
  • "A Rite of Relief", "Ache", "Snail" by Birhan Keskin, Translated from the Turkish by Öykü Tekten
  • "Why Don’t They Believe?" by Xo?man Qado, Translated from the Kurmanji by Shook and Zêdan Xelef 

  • "The Black Colt"  by Baqytgul Sarmekova, Translated from the Kazakh by Mirgul Kali
  • "Birth", "Property", "Sleep (1)", "Kingdom of Dogs" by Sulochana, Translated from the Nepali by Muna Gurung
  • "flapping from where the wings" by Nhã Thuyên, Translated from the Vietnamese by Kaitlin Rees
  • "Kantan Chamorrita 1-5" Chamorro Folk Songs, Translated from the Chamorro by Danielle P. Williams
  • "The Saz Player", "Wind", "Smoke" by Sinan Antoon, Translated from the Arabic by the author
  • "Prologue to Collapsed Star", "Longings" by Annasoltan Kekilov, Translated from the Turkmen  by Orhan Elmaz and Zohra Saed
  • "Sing Sister Sing" by Joopaka Subhadra, Translated from the Telugu by Nitya Rayapati 



  • "The Participants" by Becky Hagenston

  • "The Covenant of the Mardues" by Ren Arcamone 

  • "The Prayer of Fugitives" by Bobuq Sayed 
  • "Mirror for Princes (a perfume ad)" by Seth Wang 
  • "Kicking Over Tombstones" by Bonnie Jo Campbell


  • "A Private Engagement" by Cat Wei

  • "Clocked" by Clarence Harlan Orsi
  • "Our Love Language Was Hair" by Blessing J. Christopher
  • "Blood Harmony" by Sarah Curtis 


  • "Aubade or Nocturne" by Cass Garison 

  • "Emily", "Jeremiah" by Alisha Dietzman 
  • "The High Life" by Eric Kocher
  • "The Breakup" by Mag Gabbert 
  • "swamp men" by Huan He 
  • "Reflection on My Frustration with Living in the Present" by Moriah Cohen 
  • "Superovulation" by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers 
  • "Motherland, Formless & Void" by Jordan Nakamura 
  • "A Painting I Can’t Remember 5" by Carmen Giménez 
  • "SOS" by Angelo Nikolopoulos 
  • "Restoration" by C. E. Janecek 
  • "Self-Elegy" by Georgina Marie
  • "Each Crack in My Voice Is Static from Another World" by Malachi Black 
  • "Nothing was a lie" by Ralph Angel 
  • "Illuminated Edges" by Adam Day 
  • "Robert Johnson Tunes His Guitar at the Crossroads" by Wes Matthews 
  • "Huisache", "Curanderismo" by Matthew Flores 
  • "Self-Portrait as Hybrid" by Brett Shaw
  • "The Last Poem I Write" by Issam Zineh
  • "Like any odd god among the thousands" by Scott Chalupa
  • "Ode to Plácido Domingo on Jeopardy!" by Olivia M. Sokolowski
  • "[king hunt 1.2]" by Natalie Louise Tombasco
  • "Busted Sonnet" by Beverly Burch
  • "Elegy for My Older Brother Who Taught Me How to Contact the Dead" by Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick 
  • "Chapala in Early August" by Ramón García
  • "Meret Oppenheim—Object (1936)" by Rochelle Hurt

Creative and Critical Art Writing

  • "Sensing Vastness: The De Luxe Show Then and Now" by Amber Jamilla Musser 

  • "Power Play: Trace, Index, and Grid in Rick Lowe’s Paintings" by Allison Glenn 

Featured Art

  • "Selections from The De Luxe Show" by Various Artists
  • Featured Works by Rick Lowe 

Reviews and Interviews

  • "Una Conversación: Adriana Corral y Celia Álvarez Muñoz" by Luisa Fernanda Pérez 
  • "Earning Pleasure, Feminine Momentum: Sandra Lim’s The Curious Thing" by Paige Quiñones 
  • "Spiral Motion: Janika Oza Interviews Shruti Swamy" by Janika Oza
  • "Born Lonely: A Review of Emily Kendal Frey’s Lovability by Adele Elise Williams